TBT - Telephone Bomb Threat Course

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Dealing with bomb warnings is not easy as the more conventional communication avenues are restricted i.e. you cannot see who you are talking to, so it is vital that the greatest amount of information as possible is gained from the telephone call.

This program is not intended to train a person to become a bomb-threat assessor. The CD is a training aid for any person who may answer a telephone at their place of work and could potentially receive a bomb threat over the phone.

The aim of the program is to ensure students are fully aware of the correct procedure to follow so they can retain and record as much information as possible should they be subjected to such a call.

By the end of the educational CD users will, through discussion and skill practice, be able to:

  1. Identify the types of people or groups who may make a telephone bomb threat

  2. Understand the callers motivation and objectives

  3. Recognize the difficulty of recording information from the spoken word

  4. Describe what action should be taken during the call

  5. Describe what action to take after the call has ended

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Price: £30.00 (Inc VAT)

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