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Security Training for Airport Suppliers

The online STAS course has been developed to be completely DfT compliant. This course has been designed to meet the training prescribed by the DfT for those employees of Known Suppliers who will have access to goods destined for the airport. All airport supplies must have external controls applied to them prior to arriving at the airport to be DfT compliant.

Training Time Constraints?

Do you have difficulty in getting your staff together for training events?

By utilising the online availability of our STAS course, you can organise the training around your staffs’ spare time. As online courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, scheduling training for everyone at the same time is no longer a the headache it once was.

Did one or more of your members of staff fall ill during DfT training meaning that you had to organise the trainer to return for further training?

Your team can undertake the training individually at a time to suit them. If they are ill, they can just take the training when they return to health. The course is there, ready and waiting for them to take it when they are prepared again.

Do you find it difficult to assign training time to your staff members?

Currently, all Airport Suppliers have had to employ the skills of a DfT Ground Instructor to carry out Cargo courses for members of staff that come into contact with items destined for the airport and aircraft. This could take at least a couple of days. Our online STAS course takes just a few hours. Much more manageable!

Cost prohibitive?

Does the DfT training attract a high cost?

The unit price of our online STAS course is relatively small when compared to the cost of hiring in a DfT trainer. A trainer will charge the same amount, whether they train just 2 or 10 of your members of staff. The STAS course only costs as much as you use. If you only have one or two staff members that need training, all you need to pay for is 1 or 2 units. There is no other cost involved.

Are you unsure of the ‘final’ cost of training?

When hiring in a DfT trainer, you have to factor in many costs… not just the trainers’ charge. There will also be the hire of the classroom, if needed, and the cost of taking your staff members ‘offline’ and filling their operational roles while they are being trained. Alternatively, if the training takes place when your team is supposed to be off shift, then there are overtime costs when they attend the course to consider too. With our online STAS course there is only one cost to account for... a fixed unit cost, which will make it easy for you to forecast and budget for. We also offer discounts on larger numbers bought.

Do you need more control of your training?

Do you find it difficult to arrange for a trainer to attend when it’s suitable for you due to your staff members’ operational requirements?

With our STAS course, it’s easy to get individuals to take the training when they have the time. The STAS course is an ‘on demand’ service that is effectively available anytime of the day, week or month. There’s no need to schedule special periods when everyone is available at the same time. With our online STAS system, your staff don’t have to take the training at the same time… you can spread the training out to suit your own needs. They can even spread their time out over the course, taking one lesson at a time and returning when they have time.

Do you find the cost of altering operational requirements a nuisance when trying to schedule training?

You do not have to gather your staff into one location at one specific time for them to take the online STAS course. They have the flexibility to take the course when it suits their operational timetable.

Do you find that some trainers carry out different levels of quality training?

Our online STAS course delivers a constant message, no matter when or where it’s taken. It doesn’t have to take into account ‘off’ days or bad weather which could potentially affect a classroom trainer. Our course ensures that all trainees receive the same high quality training wherever and whenever it’s taken. Our intention is to make your life easier, and we believe that we have done this in producing a cost effective and easy way to train your staff to DfT standards, without the usual problems of having to bring in costly DfT approved trainers.


In accordance with EU regulation 2015/1998, the Department for Transport (DfT) requires that no one may provide access to security training content unless there is evidence that the background check/employment check required has been successfully completed. Therefore, as part of the process of accessing the STAS course content, we require you, as the Responsible Person within the organisation, to confirm that security background checks have been successfully completed and that you are aware it is an offence to provide false information to access to the STAS material. It is also an infringement of the regulations if you are found to be falsifying your credentials or do not take the course yourself.


Processor – PC based AMD Athlon 64, 2.4ghz / RAM – 1024mb / HDD - 200mb free space / OS – Windows 8 & above / Screen resolution – 1024x768 / Browser – Internet Explorer 10/11 with Silverlight installed.

Your training system may run with other configurations, but Quadratica UK cannot warrant that the use of systems which do not meet this recommended specification will provide the interactive learning environment to the levels of quality we would endorse. The online STAS system does not perform correctly on non-PC machines as standard.


For discounts for larger numbers please contact us for further information.


Please note that ALL refunds on purchases are subject to a 10% admin surcharge if requested after 7 days from initial purchase.

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In order to ensure that the process of obtaining access to your STAS course is as fast as possible you should ensure that your mail system will allow emails from "" through any anti-spam/anti-virus filters as all our automated systems use this address when sending you your information. Thank you.

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Price: £35.00 (Inc VAT)

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