MTA - Mailroom Threat Awareness

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Mailroom Threat Awareness

The threat of a serious incident in a company’s mailroom is ever present. Your staff need to be made aware of this potential threat so that their actions on discovering a dangerous device will save lives. They must understand the potential dangers of hidden devices, the different types of devices they may come across and how to handle a threat situation correctly, if one arises. Following this training, their actions could potentially save lives and any costly damage to property.

The Mailroom Threat Awareness course covers essential information that needs to be fully understood by staff likely to encounter a suspect package. Available on-line so that it can be taken whenever and wherever is most convenient, the course is broken down into manageable modules covering subjects such as the History & Recent Events of such devices, the Types of Devices and the consequences of not correctly identifying them, Basic Mail Sorting, and general Health & Safety procedures in the mailroom.

Common sense approach results in effective training

The motivations of organisations or individuals who send letter bombs or suspicious mail are many and varied. The main objective is to keep your staff and your building safe. If an unusual letter or package received at your establishment is identified as being suspicious, it is essential that your staff know how to react.

Effective training that includes how to detect suspicious or dangerous items and how to effectively deal with a dangerous situation can prevent undue panic and injury. By applying common sense and working calmly and methodically through some basic procedures covered in this course, the article can usually be assessed safely and with confidence. A formal assessment will certify that each user has correctly completed the Mailroom course to an acceptable standard. This will be available to them personally and to the account administrator. 


Processor – PC based AMD Athlon 64, 2.4ghz / RAM – 1024mb / HDD - 200mb free space / OS – Windows 8 & above / Screen resolution – 1024x768 / Browser – Internet  Explorer 10/11.

Your training system may run with other configurations, but Quadratica UK cannot warrant that the use of systems which do not meet this recommended specification will provide the interactive learning environment to the levels of quality we would endorse. The online GSAT system does not perform correctly on non-PC machines as standard.


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Price: £35.00 (Inc VAT)

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