XPSA - X-Ray Pre Selection Assessment

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The most expensive and advanced technology is of little value if the people who operate it are not selected and trained appropriately. It has been proven that by using a pre selection method of employing staff, better results further down the line are achieved. Available now, Quadratica's Pre Selection Assessment (PSA) course gives students the basic understanding of how X-Ray equipment works and lists the safety precautions that should be adhered to while working with these machines. Basic X-ray and threat image recognition training prepares the student for the final assessment.

We all know how important getting the right people for the job is. Long & expensive training periods can result in frustration when it's found that the employee just isn't right for the job at hand, especially when we all know that the job is life critical.

During this course, the functionality of the X-Ray machine Operator Control Panel is outlined, along with an explanation of how to test the X-Ray machine in order to identify malfunctions that may occur while in use. The common steps of the X-Ray screening process, the various techniques for image interpretation and the response to various outcomes are outlines. Finally, the TIP (Threat Image Projection) system that is used in X-Ray machines is explained.

This course will also identify the different types of firearms, knives and any other objects that are classed as prohibited items in a sterile area. Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) and their components are described as well as general training on Dangerous Goods.

Exposing students to interactive tests, this course will assist you in determining the aptitude of prospective employees and can be used as a pre-selection tool for new-hire screeners, testing for colour-blindness, image recognition skills and general threat image identification proficiency.

To protect the fidelity of this course, it is only available to training departments of corporate organisations, not individuals. Please contact us directly for further details...


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Price: £14.10 (Inc VAT)

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