Prepare for DNXCT with Quadratica’s X-Screen® 3D online training system

by Giles Ramsden

Prepare for DNXCT for cabin bags with Quadratica’s X-Screen® 3D online training

The National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) for cabin bags is the current standard that aims to ensure the security and efficiency of screening operations at UK airports. The new digital 'DNXCT' requires screeners to demonstrate their ability to identify threats and prohibited items in 3D and CT X-ray images of cabin bags and is expected to be implemented during July 2023.

But how can screeners prepare for this challenging test? How can they acquire the skills and knowledge needed to operate the new 3D and CT X-ray machines? How can they keep up with the latest threats and regulations in a fast-changing environment?

The answer is X-Screen® 3D, the online 3D/CT X-ray image recognition and interpretation training system developed by Quadratica UK, a leading provider of security training solutions.

What is X-Screen® 3D?

X-Screen® 3D is a web-based training system that simulates the new line of 3D and CT X-ray machines used at UK airports. It allows screeners to practice their image analysis skills on realistic scenarios, using a variety of tools and features. X-Screen® 3D is designed to help screeners:

 - Adhere to international security standards, best practices, and relevant regulations.
 - Keep abreast of new and emerging threats.
 - Enhance their skills and knowledge across machine types.
 - Reduce costs and time spent on training.
 - Improve their performance and confidence.
 - The training system can be accessed on any device with a modern browser, without any software or hardware installations.

How does X-Screen® 3D work?

X-Screen® 3D uses proprietary patented techniques based on the Quadratica team’s many years of experience in understanding and managing X-ray images in a browser-based environment. It provides screeners with a true web-based training system that mimics the functionality and appearance of the real machines.

It also offers screeners a range of features and options to enhance their learning experience, such as:

 - A large database of realistic 3D and CT images of cabin bags, containing various threats and prohibited items.
 - A user-friendly interface that allows screeners to manipulate the images, zoom in and out, rotate, slice, and colourise.
 - A feedback system that provides screeners with immediate results.
 - A customizable system that allows screeners to select their preferred machine type, language, difficulty level, image quality and bag content.
 - A user-friendly system that motivates screeners to improve their scores, earn badges and compete with others.
 - A comprehensive system that tracks screeners’ progress, performance, and areas for improvement

Why choose X-Screen® 3D?

X-Screen® 3D is the ultimate training solution for screeners who want to prepare for the DNXCT for cabin bags. It offers screeners several benefits, such as:

 - Flexibility: Screeners can access X-Screen® 3D anytime, anywhere, on any device
 - Convenience: Screeners can complete their training programmes, undertake refresher courses, and keep abreast of trends and developments online
 - Effectiveness: Screeners can learn from realistic scenarios, receive instant feedback, and monitor their improvement
 - Affordability: Screeners can reduce their training costs and time by using a web-based system that requires no installations or updates

X-Screen® 3D is not only a training tool, but also a learning partner that supports screeners throughout their career. By using the training system regularly, screeners can ensure that they are ready for the NXCT for cabin bags and beyond.

How to get started with X-Screen® 3D?

If you are interested in trying out X-Screen® 3D or buying it for your organisation, contact us for more information.

We will be happy to provide you with a demo, a free trial, or a quote for X-Screen® 3D. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your security training to the next level with X-Screen® 3D. Contact us today and get ready for the DNXCT!