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Dramatically reduce your training costs

Training can be expensive. A certified or accredited trainer will charge the same amount whether they train just 2 or 10 of your members of staff. To this, you have to add the expense of providing a suitable training room and the costs of taking your staff offline and providing cover. If, at a later date, you need to train additional staff, you incur the same costs all over again.

By utilising the online availability of our comprehensive range of courses, you can organise training around your staff’s spare time. And as our online courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, scheduling training for everyone at the same time is no longer a headache - each individual member of your team can undertake training whenever and wherever is most convenient.

Our online courses will dramatically reduce your training overheads. The unit price of each course is extremely low, especially when compared to the expense of hiring an accredited and/or DfT approved trainer. Our courses only costs as much as you use - if you only have one or two staff members that need training, all you need to pay for is 1 or 2 units. There are no other costs involved.