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X-ray screening remains the most effective tool in detecting threat items concealed in baggage, mail and cargo. The quality of X-ray screening depends on the skills of the personnel operating the equipment, therefore the training of those screeners plays a vital role in the defence against criminal and terrorist activity.
SmartObject is a low cost, easy to use interactive training tool suitable for developing screeners in a number of areas:
-          Pre recruitment evaluation.
-          Object recognition training for new recruits.
-          Refresher training for operational screeners.
-         Remedial training, to rectify screening deficiencies eg. as identified by TIP reports.
Improving screener performance
Smart Object has been specifically designed to develop and test object recognition skills. It is an interactive training tool with which screeners can practice interpreting the x-ray signatures of thousands of objects presented in real packed bags.
Smart Object replicates the common x-ray machine operator functions so that trainees can learn to examine x-ray images thoroughly and quickly adapt to any equipment they may use in the future.
SmartObject trains recognition skills by showing objects as photographs and inviting the user to indicate their locations in an x-ray image. Immediate feedback is provided on the accuracy of decisions and at the end of each image sequence a printable performance report is generated.
X-ray correct for genuine skill improvements
SmartObject uses images of real bags in which threats have been packed prior to scanning and image capture. Other object recognition products often simply project images of objects onto x-rays of innocent bags and have an unacceptable level of image quality, due to contextual clues such as colour variations and edge effects. This undermines the objectives and effectiveness of training. Use of SmartObject guarantees that the images seen are 100% x-ray correct and therefore offer the screener a real opportunity to improve their interpretation skills.
A comprehensive image library to build competency Levels
SmartObject is delivered with an initial library of over 5,000 objects, and expansion or refreshment packages are available.
Smart Object Summary
• Intuitive to use, mouse driven, software
• Minimal language for multicultural use
• Ideal for pre-employment selection, initial and remedial screener training
• Reproduction of the common x-ray screening operator functions
• Objects in x-rays of real packed bags.
• Large image libraries available
• Capable of specific training by category of items e.g. Firearms, IEDS, etc, and by interpretation difficulty
• Printable report after each training session.  



              Smart Object



    Smart Object




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